Kaylee Foster

License Date: 2013
Started at Kadiza Hair Studio: 2016

I’m from the little town of Slaton, Texas. I studied cosmetology through my junior and senior year of high school. I graduated in 2013 with my hair stylist license. I began my journey of working in salons and have finally found where I belong. I started at Kadiza in November of 2016. At Kadiza I have experienced so much growth and love to continue to grow as a stylist. I have a very big heart and love to help in any way I can. One of my passions other than hair is helping animals. I have fostered for the South Plains SPCA for 3 years now and have saved over 100 puppies. I’ve always wanted to help these poor pups but never knew how until my first foster found her way into my home and I didn’t stop fostering after that.

In the salon I absolutely love hair color. I love warm toned colors, they are my favorite. Balayage is my go to style as I love a lived in, very low maintenance color myself. I have my weaknesses, but as a growing stylist I always find a way to strengthen them. There are so many things out there I still have to learn, which is the fun part of being a stylist. You never stop learning. I plan to continue to grow and offer my best to all of my clients.

One saying I live by is “things can always be worse” it reminds me to be thankful for what I have because there is someone out there that always has it worse.